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Improve Digestion, Boost Immunity and Detox your body in only 7 days!

Convenient 7 day program, Gluten and Lactose free, Travel friendly (doesn't require refrigeration)

Bioflor7 begins its journey with 60 Billion Live Probiotic Cells – Scientifically formulated to stay active (alive) longer with 20 Billion guaranteed for over 24 months.

  • The Bioflor7 BIPHASE delivery system provides the ability to scientifically subdivide the various ingredients in two chambers: the cap and the vial.
  • The live probiotic strains are securely sealed within the cap and can only be released into the vial containing the liquid by turning the cap clockwise towards the bottom, to open the inner-seal.
  • Once released, the probiotics become active and begin proliferating (multiplying) within the gastro-intestinal system within minutes from ingestion.
  • This results in a more secure method of preserving the ingredients and obtaining a fresh mixture each time – thereby ensuring the effectiveness and survivability of the live probiotic strains.

SUGGESTED USE: One vial per day, after meals, for 7 consecutive days. May also be taken between meals if unable to take with or after meals.

Perfect maintenance program: Recommended to complete one 7 day program ONCE-A-MONTH, or as needed.

For chronic conditions it is recommended to complete Two 7 day programs consecutively, followed by a regular maintenance program.

Expiry: Jan 2020